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There are so many people I need to acknowledge for the creation of this book. Without everyone in my life, there would be no novel to my name. I need to thank all my friends and family for their support and encouragement. I need to thank my teachers for their proudness that made me all the more driven to complete this book. And I need to thank my community for donating funds, beliefs, and spirits when I really needed it. 

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True to my word, I would like to thank the following people who were the first 20 to donate to my GoFundMe:

Deena Fahridin, Karen ward, Nilzen Lumsden, Phung Tran, Eddie Kim, Trinh Nguyen, Salma Fahridin, Joss Rikard-Bell, Michelle Hughes, Megan Rikard-Bell, Gen Willis, Millia Lee, Lisa Mitcherson, Skye Erbacher, Yolanda Hunter, Emily Gills, Jade Hackshall, Ava Nicholas, Anais Hamilton, Santy. 

Thank you with all of my heart to those people up the top, you have helped me in a way I will always remember and cherish.