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“Yes, I will fight - maybe one more time - for that world where she’ll be remembered. Not as the slave of darkness, but as the harbinger of light.”


Two worlds, mundane and magical, who needs her more?

Dianna, a sixteen-year-old girl has come to England for a new start, and new opportunities. She never thought that meeting three other teens, would change her life so drastically.

Gabe, Ty, and Anne, are part of another world, with monsters only mentioned in the darkest of novels. As the days at her new school continue, Dianna not only learns the ups and downs of trust and love, but that she too, is part of this devastatingly dangerous world.

Will she fight for her normal teenage life, or for the new fragile love this world has gifted her? Either way, we need her, and she’s destined to fight, but on which side will we find her?

With the light, or the dark?

Coming soon!
The Xavia Trilogy continues... 



Tara Chau is 15 years old and is attending secondary school.

She lives on the Central Coast with her family.

Tara has been an enthusiastic writer since a very young age, taking inspiration from the people around her, movies, books, and the trials of life.

Rise of the Xavia is Tara's debut novel. 

When Tara is not violently bashing at her keyboard and drinking gallons of tea, she reads, paints, draws, listens to music or her friend's sitches (situations), or watches movies with her family.  

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Instagram: tarachau.books